Former QPR manager / current Plymouth boss Ian Holloway finds himself in hot water with the Football Association for having branded FIFA chief Sepp Blatter “a lunatic” for changes in the offside rule after Argyle had a goal disallowed in Saturday’s 1-1 with Southampton. That Blatter is not personally responsible for how the rule is interpreted in England didn’t prevent Holloway from calling the global soccer supremo an idiot, so we can probably expect some punative measures.

Prior to events at Home Park, the always outspoken Holloway submitted to his semi-regular interrogation from the BBC website, in which he opined on the matter of noted Superhoops fan Pete Doherty and Kate Moss (“there’s hope for all of us ugly bastards!”) and a couple of particularly galling defeats during his tenure in W12.

I lost 6-1 at Leeds a couple of seasons ago when I was manager of QPR – and that was after going 1-0 up. I think we got them angry. You feel embarrassed for all the people who’ve driven up there – it’s just humiliating.

And I lost to Vauxhall Motors in the Cup on penalties – now you don’t get much more embarrassing than that because their name’s atrocious isn’t it?

It sounded like we were beaten by a car. We didn’t get into first gear and were automatically knocked out of the Cup.

It meant that much that a taxi driver who is now a good friend of mine came in and spoke to me for two hours about what I should have done.

But then I looked at the team he would have picked and I said “They’re all bloody injured, you complete pillock!” He didn’t realise how hard it was being a football manager.