Florida 34, Ohio State 14 (halftime)

Of the 3 QB’s to take snaps tonight, Troy Smith (2 for 8, 24 yars, 1 INT, 1 fumble, sacked 3 times) would be the one bearing the least resemblence to a Heisman winner. Even taking the relative strength of the SEC versus that of the Big Ten into account, the nature of this blowout has to be considered a stunner. The Buckeyes have allowed a month’s worth of points in 30 minutes, while the Gators’ defense has been dominant, holding OSU to a mere 73 yards total offense.

After putting Ohio State ahead with a 93 yard return on the opening kickoff, Ted Ginn Jr. has been a non-factor due to ankle woes.

Jimmy Johnson suggested Jim Tressel’s charges were unprepared for a game of this magnitude, having played “only one meaningful game all season, against Michigan.” I guess that Week 2 visit to Texas was no big deal.

While authorities are still trying to figure out what was up with that unpleasant odor that permeated much of Manhattan this morning, just for safety’s sake, I think James Dolan should pledge to keep his townhouse windows closed for several hours after breakfast.