Yankees 4, Angels 2

From Lisa Olson’s otherwise thorough recap of El Barto going bust and the Moose coming big.

There was a rumor these Angels were perfectly built for the playoffs, a team that could shock the Yankees in a variety of ways. Someone must have put lard in the Angels’ shoes, because they never ran the bases like fearless gazelles until the ninth inning, when Vladimir Guerrero stole second and scored after Robinson Cano failed to knock down Darin Erstad’s single up the middle. Joe Torre said he didn’t plan to pitch around Guerrero, but Mariano Rivera wasn’t taking chances. Rivera walked Guerrero, but it was one of the few distractions the Yankees faced all night.

Not sure about a fearless gazelle, but Guerrero did attempt to swipe 2nd with two out in the 6th (and his team trailing by 4), only to be gunned down by Jorge Posada.