Standing up for his constitutional right to slaughter cuddly critters (and fish!), the New York Post’s Ken Moran writes,

If you took your kid fishing this summer, there are animal-rights people who are saying you are a bad parent.

The fact that the folks at PETA think that way is no shock, but they are trying to get at you through your kids, which is totally unacceptable.

PETA supporters began passing out graphic flyers to youngsters on Sept. 24, a day celebrated by sportsmen as National Hunting and Fishing Day but recognized by antis as Fish Amnesty Day.

The flyer says “Your Daddy Kills Animals” and tells your children to ask your daddy why he’s hooked on killing.

PETA is seeking out our children and using shocking campaigns to spread its anti-animal-use agenda.

The fact that fishing is a fun, wholesome activity that gives families the opportunity to share time in the outdoors is totally lost on these people.

I agree with Moran that this sort of propaganda is entirely unacceptable. Surely there are mommies hooked on killing, too?