Despite being given the Wilpon family elephant gun, Omar Minaya’s pursuit of superstars like Pedro Martinez and Sammy Sosa has up until this point, proven fruitless. If we’re to believe Minaya, there will be some big news very shortly, writes the NY Daily News’ Adam Rubin.

Mets GM Omar Minaya told a rival baseball executive at the winter meetings he has Richie Sexson and Moises Alou “in the bag” should Pedro Martinez re-sign with the Red Sox. That might be an overstatement, at least in Sexson’s case.

Regardless, Minaya publicly sounded like a man prepared to depart tomorrow with Felix Heredia-for-Mike Stanton his signature move of the offseason so far.

“I don’t want to spread the false hope we’re close,” Minaya said about making a deal before the meetings break up tomorrow. “. . . What I don’t want to do is come home with a bad deal. I’d rather come home with nothing than a bad deal.”

Desperately needing a power jolt, the Mets made a three-year offer to first baseman Carlos Delgado on Friday, and met with Richie Sexson and agent Casey Close last night at the Anaheim Marriott.

Baltimore appears the likely destination for Delgado, who could get a four-year contract elsewhere. Seattle figures to compete as well, depending on what happens with Sexson.

The Mets also have expressed interest in free-agent shortstop Orlando Cabrera. The explanation given for flirting with Cabrera? Kazuo Matsui would be sent to Seattle, possibly for Gil Meche, and Jose Reyes would remain at second base. But Matsui, who could reject the deal, was said to resist. Such a series of events could create a firestorm with Reyes, possibly prompting him to ask out of Flushing. Reyes is batting .339 in the Dominican Winter League while playing shortstop, but is taking a wait-and-see attitude about whether he’ll really be playing that position at Shea – given the change of GM since he was told about the return to his natural position.