To quote Bartholome J., the ironing was delicious. Bruce Bowen tried to commit a blatant foul, but LeBron can’t buy a call, even on his home floor. And while Henry Abbott testifies the Cavs’ reluctance to scream “we wuz robbed”, is all part of “carrying forth a certain ethic”, for the second time in recent memory, I’ve got to wonder why Cleveland coach Mike Brown is so willing to eat shit.

I’ll buy into Henry’s theory that James is “a 22-year-old superstar who has plans to be back (in the finals) many times” and there would be something decidedly Un-Wise, if not downright undignified about whining. But such considerations never stopped the likes of Phil Jackson or Pat Riley when it came to lobbying thru the media. Who knows how many calls are influenced by allegations of bias?
John Starks was just on the phone. He’s pretty sure that Daniel Gibson will hit his 2nd shot of the night any second now.