From Oregonian Beavers beat writer Paul Buker:

…the revelation that new UW football coach Steve Sarkisian has a Twitter page and recently broke his own story on the thing got me to wondering …what the hell is a Twitter page? … so I did some research, and now I’m afraid Sarkisian’s tweets (it’s what you call Twitter page items) might touch off a Twitter page arms race in the Pac-10. … I’ll bet if I asked coach Riley what a twitter page is, he would draw a blank, or maybe think it was some kind of Valentine’s Day card.. … if I asked coach Cav, “do you twitter?’ he’s liable to take a swing at me.

As if things aren’t bad enough in the print business, now as beat writers we’ve got to start monitoring the coaches’ Twitter pages?

Don’t like it.

Yeah, well, that problem will eventually take care of itself.

Of course, it’s old news that Pete Carroll started off this trend. And given that certain coaches supposedly don’t fill out their own USA Today polls, perhaps a dead-tree beat writer could stay relevant by telling us how much of the tweeting at the school they cover falls to the sports information intern.

Incidentally, Sarkisian spent Wednesday helping out his former student Mark Sanchez with NFL combine preparation. (And for the record, Scott Wolf of the L.A. Daily News is aware of both Twitter’s existence and the likelihood of ghostwriters.)