They’ve taken my order at the local wings & suds emporium and we’re just about to begin today’s Calhoun-infuriating telecast. Grab a bowl of chips / Meow Mix / qualuddes, etc. and meet me after the jump read below :

(addendum : here’s the bracket)

5: 01 pm. The folks at this particular establishment don’t want to turn up the volume on CBS ; presumably they’re afraid Clark Kellogg wills say something wildly controversial.   Big surprise, Pitino’s Cards are the no. 1 overall seed.

5:03 pm.   Pitt in the East, Carolina no. 1 in the South, UConn in the West.  Hey, why not all 4 from the Big East?

5: 06 pm.  I’m not exactly crying for Calipari but I’m a tad choked up over the way Greg Anthony’s graduated to a snazzy suit from the ugly Hawaiian fare he donned during a sneak attack on Kevin Johnson.

5:08 pm.  There’s a world of difference between “mild” and “medium” buffalo sauce at this place, trust me. Or better yet, get a job here as the chef.

5:10 pm.  For reasons I cannot fathom, they’d rather show riot footage from Islamabad than the Japan/Cuba WBC game on the screen right overhead.

5:13 pm.  BC vs. USC.  It’s the school whose radio station broke REM in the Northeast vs. the last educator to pay OJ Mayo.

5:15 pm.  No interview with Kevin Mackey to celebrate Cleveland State’s beth?  Just when I was going to congratulate the owners of Wings’n’Shit on cranking the volume, they’ve inexplicably cut it off again.

5:18 pm.  A 5 seed for the Big Ten Champion Boilermakers. Ie.  your conference sucks.   Memphis are the no. 2 seed in the West and will take on the Matadors of Cal State Northridge.  You’ll never win anything with a name like that.

5:21 pm. Head’s up, Andy Bernard!  Cornell gets Missouri.

5:23 pm. The VW and Burger King ad agencies should swap accounts for a month, just to see what happens.

5:24 pm.  Enrollment at ESTU is gonna skyrocket after this.

5:26 pm.  Portland State v. Xavier.  My first pick for pseudo upset.  No. 7 seems about right for Texas, and while I think they’ll get past Minnesota, a 2nd round thumping at the hands of Duke awaits.

5:28 pm.  A no. 3 seed for Villanova, eh?  Why not just rename it the Other Big East Tournament?

5:30 pm.  There’s more people in the St. Mary’s cafeteria watching this than turn up for some UT games early in the season.

5:31 pm.  The ESPN2 crawl below the WBC game is doing a wonderful job of violating CBS’ window of exclusivity.

5:34 pm.  LSU/Butler is the 8/9 matchup in the south.  These 8/9 games always seem so evenly matched — how does the selection committee manage to be oh so wise?

5:35 pm.  You’ve spent your entire life waiting to see the Zags vs. the Zips.  You just didn’t know it until now.

5:36 pm.  Once upon a time, the likelihood of a no. 10 seeding sparking wild celebrations at Michigan would seemed very far fetched.   7 bids for Big East teams, by the way, just in case you thought it looked like a dozen.

5:39 pm. Committee to minnows : fuck off.

5:41 pm.  Creighton : jobbed out of a bid and saintly to boot.

5:43 pm.  If they weren’t in Division III, would we ever get to hear about RPI’s RPI?

5:44 pm.  I am almost certain there’s a slight hint of marinara in this queso.

5:48 pm.  I guess ASU’s fold to USC was the death knell for St. Mary’s.

5:54 pm.  My Final Four : Louisville, Memphis, Pitt, Syracuse.  How’s that for slavish eastern bias?

5:58 pm.  I can’t find any pictures of Greg Anthony’s fighting shirt.  Sorry.

6:00 pm.  Mott The Hoople on the jukebox!  I guess someone’s Buckcherry CD was skipping.

6:01 pm.  What sort of wager do you reckon Fidel Castro and Emperor Akihito have on today’s WBC game?

6:03 pm. That’s all for me.  You’ve been a lovely audience…enjoy The Strange Boys!