(Above: Jerry Reinsdorf personally confiscates a Blackberry)

Since its inception 120 tweets ago, Ozzie Guillen’s Twitter account has proven rich in density and nuance, exploring themes of transition and longing with an effortless grace that invites and rewards exegesis in equal measure:

7:04 PM Mar 16th: let’s eat suchi now

7:08 PM Mar 11th: The wings vegasa yesssasa

4:37 PM Mar 10th: I wish I have my bike in this moment

Even delightful whiffs of grand satire find their way into his 140-character pearls:

8:45 PM Mar 14th: Was nice to see dusty baker one off the best

10:15 PM Mar 6th: Where is my guy arsenio hall my favorite show in the 80s

While the Humanitas award committee debates the establishment of a Twitter category, social media itself waits for nobody, least of all inside the Guillen household. Recent front-office kibosh-laying on a proposed Ozzie Guillen website preceded the placement of one more online Guillen in Kenny Williams’ crosshairs. Is middle son Oney Guillen the New Media mogul behind the thwarted effort?  The Sun-Times Joe Cowley reports:

Meet Oney Guillen, the second of White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen’s three sons — and the one making his father seem like a wallflower.

He put his Twitter account on the shelf last season at the request of the team, and now it seems OneyRoberto — his latest account in the world of social media — is being watched by Big Brother in the Sox’ front office.

That much was obvious by a tweet he sent out Wednesday that read: ”I love it how people are monitoring my tweets like I’m someone important. Everyone is entitled to there[sic] own opinion.”

So why are the Sox taking an interest in what Oney has to say? Well, he does know a little about the game, considering he was the one who told his father to put Geoff Blum in the game during Game 3 of the 2005 World Series. A Blum home run later, the Sox were on their way to a sweep and their first championship in 88 years.

But the kicker in all of this is that Oney works for the Sox on the scouting side of things.

Apparently, someone in the organization thinks trying to keep a saddle on one sharp-tongued Guillen is enough, let alone two.

Some of Oney’s better work this spring:

”And then aj delivers perfect baserunning we need to resign him in my opinion”

”Sorry about that Milton I guess chicago is tough. When u overpaid but I can’t hate”

”Get ur boys in line cora. That’s 2 [errors]”

The Guillen family just got screwed over or [bleeped] … but dont worry we have our own way of handling this

While the last tweet might sound vague, it had to do with the news last week that the Sox drew a line in the sand when Ozzie Guillen wanted to start his own Web site, a project that the family had been working on for several months.