(ORU’s Ogunoye : entertaining hundreds of people in about 90 minutes from now)

Either the the D-League’s Tulsa 66’ers are trying to save on housing costs or they’re concerned about the local draw. Either way, it’s kind of amazing to see Austin’s Saturday night opponents have 3 former Oral Roberts players (Moses Ehambe, Yemi Ogunoye and Adam Liberty) on their current roster.  I’ve lost my password to the Elias Koteas Sports Bureau’s website, so perhaps someone else can tell me the last time any sort of professional basketball team had 3 Golden Eagles in uniform.

Mr. Ehambe’s top MySpace friend is Jesus. You were expect Dan from the Bunnybrains?

Congrats to Vin Baker on finding new employment with China’s Liaoning Panpan Hunters.  I have no idea how easy it might be to find an AA meeting in Liaoning, but I’m gonna take a very wild guess that Vin’s next crib will not feature an en suite bowling alley.