The morning after one of the Knicks’ more encouraging results of the year — a 99-93 defeat of Miami that included some sterling 4th quarter play by Stephon Marbury (25 points, 18 in the final stanza), shockingly competent D from Malik Rose, and yet another clutch 3-pointer from Jamal Crawford (shown above, Zapruder-stylee!) — New York’s playoff hopes were dealt a serious blow. WFAN is reporting this afternoon that Crawford has suffered a right ankle stress fracture and is unlikely to return this year.

Since I’ve been all-too willing to link to those eager to dump on Jason Whitlock, in the interests of equal time, True Hoop’s Henry Abbott has stressed that Big Sexy (cough) wasn’t totally out to lunch.

I do not startle easily, and I’m telling you, Whitlock is not wrong when he says that the crowd at All-Star was dangerous. Forget baggy pants. Forget skin color. The scene was bad, and any event organizer would tell you that if you were organizing this event again next year, you’d want to make sure it went better. I have no expertise in this area, I’m not sure what crowd control changes (no guns might be one, come to think of it…) to recommend. But I’m pretty sure you don’t want that many people that drunk and violent in that way again, if it’s avoidable.