(oh c’mon, like you could keep your hands off him)

Who amongst us hasn’t been in a bar and thought, “wouldn’t it be fun to grope an on-duty police officer””  OK, while that thought hasn’t crossed my mind (recently, anyway), who knows what might happen after 20 or 30 drinks? I might start watching “Game Of Thrones”.   In the matter of Flyers C Claude Giroux, he’s  merely unauthorized fondling of a male Ottawa police offier as the Ottawa Sun’s Danielle Bell explains:

Officers were inside the bar as part of routine walk-throughs, when one officer had his butt grabbed by a patron as he walked by.

The officer turned around and told the patron not to behave like that, but he was grabbed again. At that point, the patron was taken outside of the bar to be spoken to, and was arrested soon after.

Giroux,  26, was put in a cruiser outside of The Great Canadian Cabin in the Byward Market around 9 p.m. Tuesday, where he was escorted out of by police. He was released Wednesday morning without any charges being laid.

It was later learned Giroux is expected to make a $20,000 donation to an Ottawa charity.