’s Todd Zolecki is not the only Phillies beat writer who covered this incident from Saturday’s Phillies-Tigers game, but he’s the only one (that I’ve seen) who delivered on a picture:

Ryan Howard just ripped a foul ball into the Bright House Field press box. The ball cruised between Phillies baseball communications folks Greg Casterioto and Kevin Gregg. Howard hit the ball so ridiculously hard that it put a hole in the drywall in the back of the press box, a good 20 feet behind the open window it sailed through.

Not only did the ball dent the drywall, you can actually see the seams of the ball imprinted on the wall.

Howard looked up into the press box and couldn’t help but laugh when he realized he nearly maimed Gregg and Casterioto.

Kevin is the son of the late umpire Eric, btw.