Tuesday’s 5-4 defeat to the Rangers was the 15th loss in 18 games for Ozzie Guillen’s Chicago White Sox. The resulting postgame meltdown, as documented by the Tribune’s Mark Gonzales, has hopefully been converted to mp3 form.

“Well, they’re killing me,” Guillen said. “They’re killing my family. They’re killing my coaching staff, killing the White Sox fans. They kill the owner. They kill everyone. I hope they feel the same way we feel.”

Guillen sounded as if he ran out of answers.

“You don’t see this today,” Guillen said. “You’ve seen this since April. I keep giving people a chance to succeed, a pat on the back. I wish I played for a manager like that. I swear to God I wish I could have played for a (expletive) manager like that. Every time you fail and keep putting guys out there who fail day in and day out, that’s easy to play.

“A $100 million payroll and those guys don’t show how much they make in the field. Well, Kenny [Williams], I don’t say what he has to do, but we play like this and spend all that money on the club like that, I will shut the payroll and go with Double-A kids if we have to, because it’s not easy. I know those guys go out there and they care about it.”

“I hope somebody out there cares the way we care,” he said. “Good guys or nice guys finish (expletive) last. I’m tired of seeing that (expletive), day in and day out. And I don’t want to spend a miserable September seeing the same (expletive). If I have to see the same (expletive), I told Kenny, ‘Bring somebody up. (Expletive) it.’

“If it’s my fault, I should be moving out of here then. If it’s my fault, (expletive) fire my (expletive) and I’ll be fine. I have the job to do and I get paid a lot of (expletive) money to make this club work, but it’s not easy to work with people like that. It’s not easy.

The Sox failed to hold a lead for Jon Garland in the seventh, and they didn’t score after the fourth and wasted rallies in the ninth and 10th. Guillen is tired of his coaching staff taking the blame.

“Hit and run, it fails,” Guillen said. “Fail to move the guy over with the bases loaded, no outs. Second and third, one out (and don’t score). You keep failing like that, well, Greg Walker doesn’t hit. Ozzie Guillen doesn’t hit. Don Cooper isn’t pitching. Then have fun.”

Give O.G. this much — at least he waited until the very end of August to deny responsibility for his last place club showing no heart.