(above : Tia and Fred Robbins. Go ahead, you tell him he’s whipped)

Citing Tiger Woods’ infidelities (as opposed to say, Brett Favre’s less-celebrated bout of gunslinging), CNBC’s Darren Rovell reports that Tia Robbins, wife of Rams DT Fred, is the brains behind Off The Market, “a company whose goal it is to keep athletes and their significant others faithful.”

The company launched last year at a party in New York, and the next event ” which will feature some 40 athletes and their wife or girlfriend ” will be held in St. Louis at the end of the month.

Robbins says she’s confident that this is a real business. The event in New York was sponsored by a W Hotel, Judith Ripka jewelry, a concierge service and an athlete insurance company. She™s currently looking for sponsors for the Oct. 31 event.

“This is a company’s chance to reach a high-profile demographic in an intimate setting,” said Tia, who is now pregnant with the couple’s first child.

It sounds like Ms. Robbins has the sponsorship stuff all sussed out, but perhaps there’s one firm — just outside of the Fortune 500 — that she’d be well advised to approach?