Anna Benson, as profiled in this week’s New Yorker (note to David Roth : no photos, so this is “work safe”).

Anna’s less interesting half, Mets starter Kris, was on the losing end of tonight’s 7-0 defeat at the hands of the surprising Arizona Diamondbacks. Jose Cruz Jr. connected for a 2 run HR off Benson in the visitors’ half of the first, while Arizona’s LHP Brad Halsey (above, 4-2) struck out 6 over 7 shutout innings. That Halsey proved more dominant against the Mets than the pitcher he was traded for (Randy Johnson) is something else for George Steinbrenner to groan about.

CF Carlos Beltran made his first start for New York in 9 games, going 0 for 4 while stranding 5 runners. Beltran was hitting .340 against lefties entering tonight’s game, Mike Piazza hitting .367. Neither managed anything off Halsey.

Taking a tip from Frank Thomas’ notebook in how not to make a full recovery, Juan Gonzalez made his 2005 debut for the Indians….and was promptly removed after aggravating his hamstring injury during the first inning of tonight’s victory against the Twins.

Despite all the intense cost cutting measures that have taken place at Time-Warner the past few years, the Atlanta Braves still managed to waste a million bucks on Raul Mondesi. If they raise the prices on Meatwad merchandise, you’ll know why.