The Yankees threw fits, planes, and (nearly) Joe Torre out over their collapse to Detroit last week. But that doesn’t deter the NY Sun‘s Steven Goldman from prescribing patience to Cub fans, who apparently haven’t waited long enough to get into a World Series. I don’t think I’ve read a more ass-backward assessment of Wrigley culture since Rob Lowe’s appearance in About Last Night wearing a No Lights t-shirt. In any case, my trade of Torre for Piniella is still on the table. Writes Mr. Goldman:

When Piniella takes office, attention will be focused on the train wreck that was the Cubs’ pitching staff, with the mangled and perhaps irreparable careers of Kerry Wood and Mark Prior serving as emblems of lost potential, but rebuilding the pitching staff will be child’s play compared to changing the culture of impatience that has pervaded Wrigley Field for decades. It’s not clear if he is temperamentally or philosophically suited to the job.