Believe it or not, CSTB is not the best way to track down former (or current) Newark Star-Ledger reporters.

Good evening,

Paul Jones, Dirfector of Education and Instruction , Accordia Golf here in Japan.

I have read with great interest and been impressed by the performance of the Chiba based baseball team.

Not being a fan of baseball I was surprised to see whilst in new York last week Mr Rocca (above) quoted several times in leading publications and to take this further be brought up indirfectly in a conversation we had in regards to promotion of sport here Japan.

I am writing in and effort to contact Mr Rocca. I have a role with golf here in Japan that needs to use examples of success stories in order to change the game here in Japan.

J League to date has been a success and with what Valentine and Rocca are doing it is sure to be a success for baseball.

Japanese have 3 sports loves- Soccer, Baseball and Golf, it seems fitting that the next sport to grab recognition would be golf and I would like to share some of the thoughts and experiences we have had with Mr Rocca in and attempt to see what synergies may exist.

In brief accordia golf is almost 100 golf courses in size the largest of its type in the world. It has a significant role to play in developing the game, however perhaps as is the case with baseball in the past, golf has alot of old tradition which is reusing to make way for younger and more progressive attitudes.

If you can forward this email or advise Mr Rocca`s contact that would be greatfully appreciated.


Paul Jones