As part of CSTB’s never-ending quest to find more of the same old things for Phil Mushnick to complain about, we arrive at an item from Steve Bulpett in today’s Boston Herald, alleging that the Celtics are mulling over “an alternate uniform that will include black accents and a more updated look.”

 In a quick check with historians yesterday, no one could remember there being a color other than green and white on the Celts’ jerseys and shorts. If a change is made, it would be for a third uniform that, under league dictates, would need to be worn a minimum of six times (e.g. the Lakers wearing their whites on Sundays).

     While league sources say the new uniform is pretty much on its way, Celtics executive VP for sales and marketing Rich Gotham said, “We haven’t committed to it yet. The league wants us to commit to it, but we’ve sort of reserved judgment on it. We looked at it last summer and punted on the decision. Now we’re looking at it again.”

     Though the Celts switched away from the traditional dark sneakers at home starting last season, Gotham said, “We wouldn’t mess around with our standard uniform. If we do it, it will be a special edition, so to speak. It’s a decision we wouldn’t take lightly. We wouldn’t do anything without consulting Doc (Rivers), Danny (Ainge), Red (Auerbach) and probably the players. We’ll see if it’s something the fans are interested in and the players would enjoy and we’ll sort of go from there.