From the Plano Courier Star’s Kevin Hageland. (link courtesy Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)

Although MySpace is often used as a means of social networking, the popular website is now at the center of a controversy that has resulted in the dismissal of at least two players from the Plano Senior High School baseball team.

Seniors Brandon Shaw (above) and Colin Hatzmann were dismissed from the Wildcats Tuesday afternoon in connection with comments made on MySpace.

Shaw said a fraudulent profile for Plano head baseball coach David Allen was created four-to-six months ago, where various players would leave comments about the team and more specifically, the coach.

œI™m not going to lie, some of the comments were kind of mean, Shaw said. œBut we weren™t trying to be hurtful, it was just a spoof. The things we were doing were all in fun.”

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A tip of the cap to Shaw and Hatzman (above, right) on a gag well played. Though it should be stressed, there’s a right way and a wrong way to make someone look dopey with a fake MySpace profile. For instance, whoever is responsible for this one did just enough to make someone think it was for real.

On the other hand, this profile strikes me as unusually cruel, even by juvenille standards, and I’m really surprised the target of said prank hasn’t used his considerable Ivy League connections to have the page removed. The thing about effective satire is that it has to maintain the slightest shred of believability, and there’s little chance anyone is going to fall for this one. Even if you went out of your way to invent the most uninteresting, self-obsessed schmuck imaginable, you’d probably come up with a more appealing character than this imposter.

All of that said, I do realize that not everyone can possess a super cool profile, and my New Year’s Resolution for 2007 will be to spend less time editing mine.