The next time someone says there’s nothing to do in Pocatello, ID……you can show them evidence to the contrary. From the Idaho State Journal’s Casey Santee.

Police are investigating a group of Idaho State University football players for allegedly assaulting two members of ISU’s basketball team at a celebration following the Bengals’ win Saturday over Montana Western. Hours later, a football player’s car was hit by three rounds from a handgun in an apparent drive-by shooting.

Police have not definitively linked the incidents.

Both police and university officials declined to release the names of the athletes involved, citing a pending investigation.

Pocatello police Capt. Kirk Nelson said the assault occurred at a party in the 300 block of Vista Drive when three or four football players arrived and began to argue with the basketball players already at the celebration.

According to police, the football players then began punching and kicking the basketball players and threatened to throw them off a 15-20 foot high porch. He said it appears the victims did little to precipitate the attack.

“I think (the suspects) came looking for trouble,” Nelson said.

“It’s gone way too far. With guns involved, somebody’s going to get seriously hurt or killed.”

Nelson said the victims suffered cuts and bruises but were not seriously injured during the incident. He said after the assault, the basketball players hid in a room until the suspects left.