Given David Ortiz’ suggestion earlier this week that those found abusing PED’s be sentenced to a one-year suspension, it might be a tad embarrassing for Boston’s hulking DH to find himself linked to controversial trainer Angel “Nao” Presinal.  No need to panic, however, because Big Papi assured viewers of Comcast “Mohegan Sun Sports Report”, œthis place where he works out is a facility that™s like five minutes away from my house.”  From the Boston Herald’s John Tomase :

œIt™s like an Olympic place where everyone goes and hits, runs, gets all their work in,” Ortiz said.  “It™s like in the middle of everyone™s houses, so we all go down there and work out. He™s a good trainer. He™s the guy that teaches you how to train, how to get your body ready to go. Besides that, I have no idea about any of this.

Presinal was banned from big league clubhouses in 2001 after border agents in Toronto intercepted a gym bag full of steroids that Presinal signed for. When questioned, he told investigators it belonged to Indians outfielder Juan Gonzalez.

œHe got into some trouble before from what I hear, and that™s something he™s got to deal with, especially with what™s going on, Ortiz said.