With a story that should knock the thrilling news of the NFL’s new logo off the front page of tomorrow’s newspapers, Patriots CB Rodney Harrison has confirmed he’ll be suspended by the league tomorrow for violating the league’s policy on, uh, a substance he didn’t specify. Given that Harrison is denying steroid use and claims “my use was solely for the purpose of accelerating the healing process of injuries I sustained while playing football,” we’ll assume it was HGH. Or Icy Hot.

After today’s annoucement by Vanessa Jack Del Rio that David Garrard had supplanted Byron Leftwich as the Jags’ starting QB, the Fanhouse’s Michael David Smith is spreading the scuttlebutt that Kansas City might be interested in Jacksonville’s former no. 1 pick. Chances are, Leftwich will be cut rather than traded — it’s doubtful the Chiefs (or anyone else) would take on his $5 million price tag.