As an accomplished blogger/author/pine-rider, Paul Shirley long ago established his scribbling credentials.  Even so, the translated version of his recent guest editorial for El Pais on the matter of Olympic basketball competition, might be funnier than whatever he had in mind.

The match of basketball of this year will be more of the same. It sees when it, some flattering commentator so will be occupied singing the virtues of the Americans who will forget that there are two equipment playing and that, possibly, is somebody in the hearing that so is not enamored with a so arrogant equipment and little cosmopolitan that it refuses to remain in Olympic Villa and it does not dare to move away the sufficient thing of its hotel of five stars to sink the end of its collective foot in the wonders of one of the oldest cultures of the world. What I mean is that hatred that of: œWe go, the United States! I want to you, LeBron.

For me, strange it is that the majority of people does not think like I. I am sure that, when the United States gains a party, some it will ask to me if I am moved by the triumph. And then I will say: œI was touched when Lithuania won by five and thought that there was a possibility that the United States lost. It will remain¦ dumb. Immediately afterwards, average return will occur and it will go away. After few days, an identified van will not enter by the way of my house and men with sun glasses will take to me, to the detriment of my baloncestística race, my race like writer and my opportunities to transmit my mixed genes to future generations.