Are you ready for some football?  While Giants RB Ahmad Bradshaw — undoubtedly plagued by the psychic trauma of sharing a first name with Ahmad Rashad and a surname with Terry Bradshaw — isn’t quite set to start the 2008 NFL season, You Go Live In Utah‘s Amanda is chomping at the bit to survey the Dallas Cowboys’ Road To Super Bowl XLIII.


The first home game of the season. Which is a shame because I always like the danger and retardation of playing at a stadium full of people so unable to control their most base instincts that they had to establish a courtroom inside the stadium. Can we start making jokes about Andy Reid’s sons yet? Please? I never understood why everyone had such a kid gloves approach when it came to some spoiled white kids who drove around in cars their dad paid for buying heroin with his credit card. Oh yeah, and I like Donovan McNabb for some reason. I think the Cowboys will win because Donovan McNabb hates every second of his life that he plays for the Eagles. BUT, far more importantly, this allows me to mention a woefully overlooked gem of family cinema. My friend Chrissy and I used to be obsessed with watching the Disney movies that slipped through the cracks. Which lead us to discover The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon starring Tony Danza. This movie is amazing.