It was a lost weekend for the Dodgers in St. Louis, and self-appointed Arbiter of Effort Brad Penny (above) isn’t taking things lying down. From the LA Daily News’ Tony Jackson.

œWe looked sloppy, said Dodgers pitcher Brad Penny, who clearly wasn’t at his best in his first start since a two-inning stint in the All-Star Game. œWe had two extra-inning games where we had a chance, but we didn’t play very good. It’s that simple.

œWe need more enthusiasm. We look tired all the time. We just looked flat. We let people take extra bases, and I left balls over the plate and didn’t make my pitches.

œIf we’re going to make it to the playoffs, we have to start picking it up a lot.

Shortly after the game-time temperature was announced at 93 degrees ” suggesting they must keep the thermometer in the shade ” Penny took the mound and gave up consecutive, one-out doubles to Chris Duncan and Albert Pujols, putting the Dodgers in a 1-0 hole.

Although the Cardinals are used to playing in such conditions and although the Dodgers’ idea of humidity is being hit in the face by ocean spray while standing on the Santa Monica Pier, Dodgers manager Grady Little refused to say the weather was a factor in his team’s four-game humiliation.

œIt was the same for both teams, he said. œIt didn’t matter. They’re not (used to it), either. It’s not this bad here six months out of the year.

Indeed, and perhaps the Dodgers will fare better in those crucial visits to Busch Stadium that take place in December.

Philadelphia’s Brett Myers (above) made his second start since being accused of spousal abuse and collected the win with 7 strong innings against the Giants yesterday. Deadspin’s Will Leitch wonders why the throng at AT&T Park didn’t do the right thing and lambaste the alleged wife-beater.

Not booing Brett Myers? What’s wrong with you guys? Is anybody awake over there?

Alas, the San Francisco Chronicle’s Scott Oster explains, “one possible reason Giants’ fans didn’t spew venom Sunday was that many were unaware. I spoke to more than a dozen women before the game and only two knew vaguely of the story.”

So there you have it. Despite being residents of a cosmopolitan city, a town with no shortage of newspapers, sports radio, TV, internet access, etc., many of the casual fans in attendence are blissfully ignorant of things that happen outside of their own little world. Kind of like an alleged NYC resident who apparently has never witnessed a cricket match of any sort. No wonder his parents put all his stuff in the back of a cab, the Spicy Crunchwrap Supreme-eating motherfucker needs to get out of the house more often.