The Huffington Post’s Chris Greenburg is reporting Celtics G Delonte West — strapped for cash during the NBA lockout — has applied for a position at Home Depot, providing more easy laughs at the expense of a 27-year-old who has provided mucho blog fodder of late with his fondness for carrying a small arsenal on a motorcycle (if not his rumored dalliance with Gloria James).

Surveying an August 1 tweet from West (“Broke down in the ATM line.. 25 cars behind me and I already reached my daily limit… I’m broke n my cars broke.. Where’s my therapist???”), Greenburg writes, “it actually seems possible that someone who has, according to Basketball Reference, earned $14,093,519 over seven seasons as a professional athlete could be applying for an entry-level job that likely pays minimum wage.” Sorry to interrupt the hate orgy, folks, but where did West say anything about “an entry-level” role at Home Depot? CEO Frank Blake earned more than $10 million in 2010 — who is Chris Greenburg to say Delonte West isn’t fully qualified to usurp Blake and lead Home Depot into a wildly profitable future?