While there’s speculation this morning that Mark Sanchez’ 2013 season is over before it’s even started, there’s slim consolation for the oft-ridiculed Jets QB in ESPN’s “SportsCenter” declaring his most glaring 2012 gaffe will no longer be a candidate for the show’s weekly “Not Top Ten”.  From Metro’s Kristian Dyer :

In the infamous play, Sanchez ran into the backside of former Jets guard Brandon Moore and fumbled the ball, which the Patriots recovered and scooped up for a touchdown. Almost immediately, the “buttfumble” became synonymous for the Jets’ 6-10 season.

“We are retiring it this week due to the start of a new NFL season, and the feeling that it was time to start fresh,” said senior coordinating producer Mark Summer in a statement released by ESPN. “The ‘butt fumble’ has won the ‘Not Top 10’ each week since last Thanksgiving, and we’re not sure anything could top it.”

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