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Beginning during the 2010 season, a poster on concussion in sports will be displayed in every NFL locker room nationwide. The poster, developed for NFL players, is the result of a joint effort between the NFL, NFL Players Association, CDC, Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society, and the NFL Physicians Society and describes the importance of recognizing a concussion, taking time to recover, and not returning to play too soon.

CDC encourages you to talk with your coaches, parents, athletes, and others about concussion in all sports and the steps to take to help prevent, recognize, and respond to this serious injury.

Remarkably, the above poster is appearing in NFL locker rooms at the same time one franchise seeks to publicly humiliate a player who is complaining of dizziness and nausea. Such a practice is only slightly mitigated by virtually everyone on the planet not named Albert Haynesworth siding with the Redskins.