Over the past two years, when not being posterized by Blake Griffin, Thunder F Kendrick Perkins has been charged with a assault outside of a Houston nightclub, public intoxication in Beaumont, and most spectacularly, throwing a Gatorade bottle at the doors of an Oklahoma City nail salon. Despite all evidence to the contrary, Perkins assures the Oklahoman’s Darnell Mayberry, “for every two incidents that I had on a bad situation, I probably done did 100 great things.” Indeed, where are the cameras when Perk isn’t throwing punches, staggering around drunk or vandalizing nail salons?

“I know what type of person I am,” Perkins said. “And I know the organization knows what type of person I am. So if you’re around me on a day-to-day basis you will know what type of person, human being I am. So at the end of the day I don’t feel like I have to prove anything to anybody (in the) outside world about what type of guy I am as far as my character. I know what type of guy I am. I know what type of guy I stand for. I’m a married guy with two children…If you know me you know what kind of guy I am.”

With two of the incidents occurring while he was back in the Houston/Beaumont area, Perkins was asked whether returning home in the off-season is tougher now that he’s an NBA player and a potential target.

“Not at all. I’m good,” Perkins said. “This my 11th year in the league so that’s not really a concern of mine…so as far as my character or going home, that’s nothing that I’m worried about.”

Perkins also said he doesn’t feel it’s necessary to alter his lifestyle off the court.

“Nah, because if you change up something that means you’re guilty of something,” Perkins said with a wink.