(and it looks like an oil can!)

…and Joey at Straight Bangin’ puts the hammer down.

you’re the prude of the week. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Tell Mary Beth and Laura (his daughters) that they shouldn’t be watching it. Don’t tell us what should or shouldn’t be on television. And keep those opinions to yourself. No one likes thinking that their football news comes from a guy who apparently wishes that Heidi were shown in primetime every night when Big Papi isn’t available. (And you live in New Jersey; what’s with the New England dick riding?! It all seems so self-consciously reactionary, and that’s lame.)

On a completely unrelated aside, to my good friends at TNT, if “sometimes the hardest life to save is your own,” that makes it sound like being a paramedic is a breeze. Let’s see 40 minutes plus commercials about a guy who has to save his own life every week.