Along with the shocking news that Martina Hingis Roger Clemens will never play again, how’s this for a first — the New York Post’s Phil Mushnick just hit one out of the park!

Not or nothing – and regardless of what “60 Minutes” might tonight reveal – but how many of you who work out at gyms would allow a personal trainer, as opposed to say, your personal physician, to inject you with anything? Would Mike Wallace?

How many of you would allow a fellow you know not to be a doctor be your doctor? How many of you would allow him to stick a syringe in your arm, hip or rear end and then squeeze the trigger?

Let me rephrase that: How many of you without illicit drug habits would allow such a thing?How many of you, to relieve chronic pain or to treat sluggishness, would seek injections administered by a phys ed. instructor or a masseuse? How many of you would travel across town, let alone halfway across the country, for medical advice, counsel and injections from a gym teacher or an aerobics instructor?

“My shoulder’s killing me. I can’t even sleep. I’m going to go see this guy named Ernie. He hangs out at a gym in Harrisburg. He told me to meet him around the back. I hope he takes insurance.”

And we’re supposed to believe that the most physically and financially privileged athletes, with instant access to the finest physicians, would choose to be treated, injections included, for whatever it is that ails them by someone who doesn’t have a medical license. That should strike us as logical, acceptable and completely on the level.