It’s become pretty clear to anyone paying attention that the Mets’ new jingle, “Our Team, Our Time” is the club’s biggest public relations disaster since Cleon Jones forgot to wear trousers, but the New York Post’s Phil Mushnick can’t leave well enough alone.

In “Meet the Mets,” the team had a corny, catchy theme song that endured for 40-plus years precisely because it was corny and catchy.

But the Mets have introduced a new team song that sounds like – surprise! – a rap song. And rap music, perhaps because it’s often short on music and melody, pretty much (beyond the lyrics) sounds alike.

Thus, this new team song isn’t likely to be the kind you hum on the way to Shea; it’s not the kind that’s likely to stick.

The Mets, however, have bowed to the negative response to the new song and will only play it when the team is wearing its black caps and/or black jerseys.

See? Things have gone so nuts that, for at least a moment, you believed that. That last part isn’t true. Not yet, anyway.

Hands up, anyone who a) found the above joke funny and b) can explain what the fuck Phil was trying to say. The Mushminded One has long stated his opposition to black caps, jerseys, etc., something he considers a blatant attempt to cater to gang sensibilities (ie. Johnny Cash, the entire working staff at the Paramount Hotel), but the connection here is tenuous at best.