(on a clear day, you can see the ECW Arena all the losing)

John Smallwood of the Philadelphia Daily News
makes the case for his city’s phutility.

I understand that a century is an incredibly long time to wait for anything, but strictly by the numbers, the Cubs actually have [won] two World Series.

The Phillies, by comparison, have won just one World Series in 125 years of existence. I explained the statistical impossibility of that.

I told them that during one 10-year period (1936 to ’45), the Phillies had seven 100-loss seasons and that this year they became the first franchise in the history of American professional sports to lose 10,000 games.

I didn’t even bring up the collapse of 1964.

Then I asked one of the guys how old he was, and he said 25.

I flashed a sad smile and informed him that there are fans around his age in Philadelphia who had never seen a professional sports championship parade for any of their hometown teams in their entire lives.

I told him the sad Philadelphia saga of the 1983 Sixers being the last team to win a championship and that collectively, with the Phillies about to be eliminated in the NLDS by the Colorado Rockies, the city had now gone 93 seasons without a parade.

I said, dude, in that time, Chicago has gotten six NBA titles from the Bulls, a Super Bowl from the Bears and a World
Series from the White Sox – OK, so bringing up the White Sox’ 2005 title to a Cubs fan was a bit cruel, but I was on a roll.

I explained that the Super Bowl didn’t exist the last time Philadelphia won an NFL title, and that the Eagles, Flyers,
Phillies and Sixers had won just eight championships in their combined histories. That was just two more than Michael Jordan personally delivered to Chicago.