Hours before suffering a groin injury, newly acquired Astros P Brett Myers was on the receiving end of one of the more blatant journalistic suck jobs in recent memory, with the somewhat confused Digital Sports Daily’s Travis Duncan saying of the reprobate right-hander, “one thing that has made baseball great over the years, has been the numerous bigger-than-life personalities, and pitcher Brett Myers is a bigger-than-life personality and more.”

Baseball and the media need personalities like Myers, his exaggerated personality helps us to understand humans a little better through the sports we love to watch.

œEvery incident they wrote about me [in Philadelphia], the media made it bigger than it was, Myers told Jacksonville.com

œIt was time to start over in a new place, Myers told Jacksonville.com œObviously, after the [hip] surgery, teams were hesitant to take a chance on me. I thought I™d be comfortable here because I knew [general manager] Ed Wade, the guy that drafted me with the Phillies. This was my main choice. Houston is a 21/2-hour flight from Jacksonville. Being in the south kind of suits me. People understand me a little bit better.