While persons ranging from Matt Millen to Dolphins bloggers consider this to be something of a non-story, the Miami organization couldn’t leave well enough alone yesterday, letting their friends in the media know that Jeff Ireland’s infamous “is your Mother a prostitute?” inquiry towards WR Dez Bryant only came after the Cowboys draftee revealed his father was a pimp.  However, ESPN’s Ed Werder reports this doesn’t jibe with Bryant’s version of events.

Following the Cowboys’ first rookie minicamp Friday, Bryant was asked about the conversation in the SI.com story.

“No, that’s a lie,” he said to reporters. “I really don’t want to speak on that.”

Bryant repeatedly said he didn’t want to talk about it.

“I just want to talk about the Cowboys and what I’m doing. I put that in the past,” Bryant said. “I’m just going to move on, I really don’t even want to speak on it anymore. I feel fine, things are great. I’m just looking ahead now.”

I have little sympathy for Ireland in this instance, but it seems amazing to me that this incident has received so much coverage the past few days, why hasn’t anyone pointed out that legendary cooler James Dalton explained the best way to deal with someone calling your mother a whore a very long time ago?