(Cub Champions:  carbon dating verifies they once walked the earth.)
As slow as it gets today news-wise, as MSNBC’s Bob Cook and Tribune print-blogger Paul Sullivan ponder a Valentine’s Day themed issue, will Lou Piniella and the Cubs be a good match or a St. Valentine’s Day massacre? Cook says Piniella will never be able get out from under that $300 mil payroll, sniping: How is Piniella supposed to motivate a group of players who have already gotten paid? Somewhere, Dusty Baker is gnawing on a toothpick, and laughing.

Somehow, I doubt Dusty is laughing about the Cubs. Paul Sullivan, when not tuning into WGN like it’s a police radio, thinks the real question is whether or not Piniella “gets” the Cubs and the Wrigley Tradition. I for one hope Piniella doesn’t “get” the Tribune Cubs and decides to turn in a winning season.
MESA, Ariz. — After taking over as Cubs president last October, John McDonough was asked whether restoring the team’s image was one of the tasks of the next manager.

“You’ve just got to bring in a winner who respects this franchise, this brand, the fans, the ballpark and everything that is the Chicago Cubs ¦ someone who gets it,” McDonough replied. “But it has to be somebody who’s a winner, somebody whose only mission, whose only goal is to win the World Series.”

Does Lou Piniella “get” the Cubs? And even if he doesn’t, does it really matter?

Ready or not, we’re about to find out.