Colorado’s Dan Hawkins might have an ugly record since arriving in Boulder, but never let it be said he can’t cut one hell of a promo.  (mp3 link via Lion In Oil)

I’m not sure what the John Daly lookalike would make of Tiki Barber’s claims that Col. Coughlin’s training regimen was unduly harsh, but The Feed’s Josh Alper has had enough of the blatherings of “a two-faced, selfish prick.”

Is there no part of you that realizes that those three seasons under Coughlin are the reason why anyone gives a witch’s tit that you retired in the first place? Barber sounds like Paris Hilton on an episode of that show when she had to do an honest day’s work. He wanted to be free from practice and workouts and everything else because he had art galleries to go to and book parties and interviews to give not because he was in any physical pain.