Along with scooping the universe on Dan Patrick taking over ESPN’s NBA studio host duties from John Saunders, along with B.J. Armstrong’s banishment from Bristol U., the New York Post’s Andrew Marchand drops the following bit of terrible news.

In a move that will push Steve Phillips even more into the forefront of ESPN baseball coverage, the network has signed the former Met GM to a new five-year contract.

“He is unbelievable,” said Norby Williamson, ESPN’s executive vice president. “He does games,, radio, Baseball Tonight, SportsCenter. He has proven to be one of the most valuable assets that we have found here.”Since joining ESPN, Phillips has maintained he has no desire to return to the majors as a GM. His new contract confirms his words.

“I have been treated first class,” Phillips said. “It keeps me around the game that I love and provides a lifestyle that is much more suitable to where I am. I really don’t have that burning desire to get back in and take on the lifestyle of a general manager.”

Translation : No one would hire Phillips as a G.M. last autumn and his credibility-extinguishing appearances on the Worldwide Leader have done nothing to polish his c.v.

Still, Williamson is at least partially correct. Steve is unbelieveable, just like the EMF song.

Metropolitans links to a piece from Baseball America that suggests the Mets might move their International League affiliate from Norfolk, VA. Keyspan Park might be on the small side, but I like the idea of the Cyclones playing in Triple A. It would certainly make the rehab, up and down shuffle an easier process (no Von LMO jokes, please). The ‘Clones’ 12 inning, 4-3 win over Vermont last night clinched 2nd place in the McNamara Division for Brooklyn by mere percentage points, setting the stage for a Subway/Ferry Series with Staten Island starting tomorrow night.