People of Pittsburgh, don’t panic.  Despite a 5-18 start and the growing sense that perhaps Jim Tracy is no more qualified than Lloyd McClendon, Pirates GM Dave Littlefield wants you to be patient. He’d also like it if you’d stop egging his car.
From the Post-Gazette’s Dejan Kovacevic :

“These are the guys we’re going to grow with, the guys we’ve spent the past few years drafting and developing and, in the case of some of the veterans, players we were able to get because we got some more revenue,” he said yesterday after the team’s seventh consecutive loss. “Will there be adjustments? Sure. You’ve seen we’ve had to make some based on injury. And I’m sure we’ll make more.”

Regarding young players, he continued to stress patience.

“In general, yes, we will give these players a chance. But each player has specific differences than others relative to their skill level or performance record in the past. You’re going to see young players, in general, struggle. That’s the norm. Rare is the Jason Bay that comes in and performs consistently at a high level.”