…just as soon as they can think of anything interesting to say about Sacramento. From the Detriot Free Press’ Krista Latham.

Although the Sacramento Kings apologized Wednesday for displaying negative images of Detroit during pregame introductions, the NBA began an investigation into the incident that could result in fines.

Before the Pistons beat the Kings, 102-88, Tuesday night at Arco Arena in Sacramento, fans were shown a montage of negative images of Detroit on the scoreboard above center court. They included abandoned buildings, boarded-up houses, burned cars and piles of construction rubble.

Pistons players said they hadn’t paid attention to the video display. But when they heard about it, they weren’t happy.

“I still have a lot of pride,” guard Chauncey Billups said. “That’s where I live. That’s my home now. I still have a lot of pride in that city. I love that city. I’m always going to defend the city of Detroit.”

Kings president John Thomas saw the video for the first time live from his seat.

By halftime, he had pulled the tape for a private screening and began the process of finding out how it happened. By Wednesday afternoon, the Kings had purchased full-page newspaper ads to issue a direct apology to Detroiters.

“The Sacramento Kings sincerely apologize to” (Pistons owner) “Mr. Bill Davidson, the entire Pistons organization, the fans, Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, and the people of the great city of Detroit,” the ad — which appears in today’s Detroit News and is scheduled to run in Friday’s Free Press — reads in part.

Diane Ferranti, the executive director of the multimedia operations unit at the Palace of Auburn Hills, said Wednesday, “If we were going to do anything that controversial — which we really never would — we would make sure Tom Wilson signed off on it. But we try to go positive on everything, even when Ron Artest comes in.”

I do think the Pistons are are making a little much of this incident. Had the Kings really wanted to show provocative, embarrassing images designed to bring shame to to the Motor City, there are many other choices they could’ve opted for. Footage of Joey Harrington dropping back to pass. The Von Bondies’ most recent royalty statement. A CAT scan of Matt Millen’s head. The Insane Clown Posse, etc.