(well, that’s another great artist whose CD’s are heading straight for eBay)

How fitting that during a period in which The Sultan Of Surly is almost universally loathed for the 24-and-one environment surrounding his swelled head, the Astros are again prepared to break the bank and every (unwritten) rule about team chemistry to gain the services of Roger Clemens for a final 4 months.

Jayson Stark was on Mike Greenburg and Mike Golic’s ESPN show this morning, opining that Koby Clemens’ (Kobe? Kory? Kruncy? Kasey? Krusty?) presence as an Astros farmhand was the deciding factor. “The Rocket’s tune up starts for Lexington might be the most watched minor league games of the year!” drooled Stark, further suggesting that heads might explode in a Cronenburgian frenzy were we to witness Koby digging in against his Dad during a competitive game.

I mean no disrepect to Stark, whose journalistic chops pretty much kill anything I can offer as a cut and paster. But as someone who watches the odd minor league contest every now and then, I’d like to point out the following :

1) Were Clemens to re-sign with the Astros, it is highly unlikely he’d be pitching against Koby. Not unless the younger Clemens was traded to another team. If Stark misspoke and meant Koby as a battery mate for Roger, perhaps he’s not noticed that Koby has been playing 3B this season.

2) Nothing against Lexington, KY, but Corpus Christi and/or Round Rock are far more likely venues for a trial launch of the Rocket. Particularly as Clemens has a small stake in both clubs.

(KORRECTION KORNER : Lexington, Corpus Christi and Rock Rock are all said to be sites of forthcoming tune-up starts for the Rocket, so I goofed. Stark was not incorrect, though I still don’t get what he meant by father-pitching-to-son.  If Lexington are going to move the recently injured Koby behind the plate after he’s been playing 3rd just for the purpose of forming a father/son battery, why not invite all other available members of the Clemens Klan to fill out the other positions?)