While mocking Grady Lady in this morning’s LA Times (“get this : With Derek Lowe starting, the Dodgers became one of the only teams in baseball history to pitch two 16-game winners in the same playoff game and lose,”), Bill Plaschke adds the following tidbit (link taken from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory) :

Yeah, we’re blaming somebody. But before getting to Little, whose first postseason game with the Dodgers raised a muted version of the questions he faced in his last postseason game with the Boston Red Sox, let’s check one other place.

His name is Joe Beimel. He is the team’s left-handed setup reliever, the most important member of the bullpen against the best left-handed-hitting team in baseball.

He also helped force Little’s hand by apparently slicing up his own.

Before the game, it was announced that Beimel would sit out the series after suffering a severe cut to his pitching hand in an accident that he claimed occurred upon dropping a glass in his New York hotel room early Tuesday morning.

Many in the clubhouse believe eyewitness reports that the incident happened in a New York bar, and they’re not thrilled. Beimel could not be reached for comment.