The Cincinnati Enquirer plays back the wide receiver’s last week as a member of the Bengals.

At around 2 a.m. Sunday, he and several members of the team were kicked out of a hip downtown nightclub, Bang on Fourth Street, after a police officer on a security detail called for help.

œWe got a few Bengals players in here, Chris Henry, Chad Johnson and them, the officer says on his call for backup, citing two of the players he recognizes. œThey are destroying the ceiling in the back room and they are all highly intoxicated. The bar owners ¦want them ejected from the bar and we are going to try to eject them now. They have been rowdy all night.

Neither Henry nor his teammates were arrested.

The following night, an 18-year-old University of Cincinnati student would tell police that Henry punched him in the skull and destroyed a window in his car when he threw a beer bottle at it.

By the time police arrived, Henry was long gone, said his friend Whitney Jackson.

Days later, a warrant for his arrest was sent out….

Jackson said Henry became unhinged after hearing a racial slur.

œChris Henry would have never beat his a– if he hadn™t called Chris a n—, Jackson said.

Attempts to reach Meyer in person and over the phone were not successful Thursday.

Court records suggest Jackson may have incited the incident when she allegedly told the victim: œI™m going to get Chris Henry here to beat your a–.