Who is truthier in Nashville, departed 3rd string QB Billy Volek (above) — sent packing to San Diego yesterday  — or Coach Jeff Fisher?  Volek alleges he was ” a scapegoat for the offense, not putting up 40-50 points in the preseason,” and suggests someone in the organization (Norm Chow?) spread questions about his work ethic.

Fisher, quoted by the Tennesean’s Paul Kuharsky, has a different take on what happened.

Fisher said Volek had lied to him about his whereabouts once during organized team activities and then rather than welcoming competition when the Titans brought in Kerry Collins immediately asked out.

œBilly™s first week as a starter basically, he was untruthful with me, untruthful with his head coach, about where he was and what he was doing, Fisher said. œSo we started off on the wrong page, and that did not set well with me.

The day Collins arrived, Volek met with Fisher and General Manager Floyd Reese and again demanded a trade.

Because of the way Volek reacted to competition, Fisher said the coaching staff unanimously wanted grant Volek™s request and move ahead with Collins.

œBilly never one time said ˜I™m here to compete,™ Fisher said. œI™m very sorry that Billy misunderstood the situation but we were very, very clear from the get go.

Fisher said he and his staff were reluctant to play someone who demanded to be traded time after time.

Doug Mirabelli was unavailable for comment.

Former Pats / current Broncos RB Cedric Cobbs claims “there’s definetly a lot of fear” in the New England locker room, saying of his former club “they treat football like a business…it’s pretty cutthroat.”

Indeed, if the Patriots fail to go deep into the playoffs this season, it won’t be because they waved goodbye to David Givens or Deion Branch. It will totally come down to the Hooded Casanova’s failure to give Cedric Cobbs a 2nd chance.