Isiah Thomas tells Newsday’s Anthony Rieber that none of his budding World Champs-of-the-future are on the trading block, and it’s just as well Zeke isn’t shopping Zach Randolph. The former Blazers F found himself the center of legal attention during a recent road trip writes the Portland Tribune’s Kerry Eggers who adds, “the only thing surprising about all this? The party didn™t occur at the strip joint Exotica, one of Randolph™s haunts of choice while living in our fair city.”

Randolph allegedly rented the second floor of the Greek Cusina in downtown Portland for a party Jan. 31 “ the night before the Knicks faced the Trail Blazers.

Nor is it surprising that Randolph was at the center of an incident involving more than 100 people that spilled out from the nightclub to the street.

Only two names were mentioned in the police report “ Randolph and bouncer Christopher Oss, who made the call to police.

The call to police from Oss said he was œhearing threats about guns; however, none were seen. The bouncer hung up on dispatch because he had to break up a fight inside the club.

When police arrived at 2:28 a.m., œI saw over 100 people on the sidewalk in front of the location, and others coming out of the business, and they were highly agitated and yelling, officer D.W. Shaw said in his report. œWith the assistance of other officers, we were able to disperse the crowd.

Oss told Shaw that œthis was a party put on by Randolph, and at one point Randolph was involved in an argument on the second floor of the Greek Cusina. As a result, œa large fight involving 50-plus people broke out on the second floor.

The report said no one made claims of being injured or wanted to be reported as the victim of a crime. There evidently were no arrests.

Randolph, who played for the Blazers from 2001-07 and still has a home in West Linn, arrived at the Rose Garden at 6:30 the next night “ a half-hour after New York players were supposed to be on hand.

Two representatives of Greek Cusina, while acknowledging Randolph was involved in an incident there that night, declined comment on the disturbance. One said no Blazer players were at the party.

Jonathan Supranowitz, the Knicks™ vice president of public relations, offers this account after discussing the matter with Randolph: œZach confirmed he was in that restaurant, but he did not rent out the second floor. It was not his party, but he did attend. Perhaps someone was using his name. He is aware there is an incident, but he told me he had nothing to do with it and that the police did not interview him.