Jeff Johnson of New York City writes,

Do you think that if Houston goes further into the shitter, Clemens will ask to be traded to a contender, even though it means missing Kody, Krazy, Kibbles, Kortney, Kurdt, Kevin, Klem, Klebold, etc? Is his contract so fucking insane that no other team could afford it?

The eldest of his pitching yung’uns graduates from high school any day now. Sure, the contract is insane, but not by Steinbrenner standards. McLane has vowed not to deal Clemens, but that’s not smart —- a pitcher of the Rocket’s stature on a last place team that can’t hit is a foolish luxury. . On the other hand, the Yankees aren’t exactly overflowing with hotshit talent at the farm level.

(Clemens held the Cubs scoreless thru 5 innings last night before departing with a sore groin. The same thing used to happen to Ron Davies while birdwatching on Clapham Common at 3am, except for being holding anyone scoreless).

A trade to Boston might also be a remote possibility. I hear that Clemens wants to stay home on road trips, all games he isn’t pitching and perhaps even the days he starts if they can arrange some kind of military jet to zip him around.