(Larry Harris has found John Starks’ missing ball)

It was 20 years ago that the NBA rigged the draft lottery to ensure that Patrick Ewing would begin his pro career in the glamorous NY market. Last night, history repeated itself as the Milwaukee Bucks won the first pick despite having just the 6th worst record in ’04-05. Milwaukee’s status as the nation’s new cultural and entertainment capitol has already been discussed in this space, and I for one, am tired of the universe revolving around the town.

The New York Times’ Liz Robbins reports that Pistons coach Larry Brown has been talking with the Cavaliers about becoming the club’s next President of basketball operations. Brown, whose wanderlust is hardly a new condition, doesn’t seem to mind adding a distraction or two to the defending champs’ playoff run. Even by Larry’s standards, interviewing for a job with a division rival while the Pistons are battling the Heat for a trip to the finals, is kinda reptilian.