From Newsday’s Jon Heyman in Sunday morning’s paper.

If Nomar goes to L.A., Dodgers owner Frank McCourt is one step closer to his goal of a full roster of ex-Red Sox. He’s already collected Mueller, Derek Lowe and Grady Little and tried for Epstein. However, new GM Ned Colletti recently suggested the team isn’t hotly pursuing Damon, who appeared to be a natural fit but might be out of McCourt’s price range. The Dodgers are talking to cut-rate Kenny Lofton.

McCourt’s 23-year-old son, Drew, is into a different sort of recruitment. He was seen by club execs stumbling around last season with Hollywood bad girl Shannen Doherty at a Dodger Stadium concert.

Even if they sign Nomar, Club Nepotism remains baseball’s laughingstock. MLB bigs privately regret awarding the team to the McCourts.

One plus for the Royals’ signing of Doug Mientkiewicz: They know there won’t be any valuable baseballs to steal.

It’s sort of terrific that we’re on the cusp of 2006 and Heyman can still refer to Shannen Doherty as a “Hollywood bad girl”. I can’t remember if the Long Island columnist ever commented on Steve Sax dating Germs associate Belinda Carlisle, and if not, that was clearly a missed opportunity.