My nephew turned 7 last week and I got him a box of Topps baseball cards, the first he ever had. We sorted through 360 cards looking for his favorite player, Albert Pujols (didn’t happen), and while we got some good ones, the above cards showed up for no good reason at all. As a parent and uncle, I’d like to use this forum to let the Topps company know that kids all over America are going through massive bouts of disappointment just to get stuck with a Mitt Romney when they want a true “get” card.
Holding up a Fred Thompson, my nephew said “Is he a manager?” When I explained that he wasn’t even in baseball and was running for President, he just gave a Charlie Brown sigh “ heartbreaking to the whole family. Then again, on getting his 4th Mickey Mantle commemorative card, he said, “Mickey Mantle, Mickey Mantle, I’m sick of Mickey Mantle.” This was followed by getting a Lou Piniella card, to which my nephew the Cardinal fan said, “Poo Piniella.” I said, “like Albert Pooballs?” This went on for a solid five minutes, which was also heartbreaking to the whole family, but I thought it kept me in the right frame of mind for the next time Rog comments on my posts.